Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Miss Claudia & Pornorama: Airport (2004)

Since I heard this album for the first time I was always looking for something that is equally comparative, equally brilliant. Of course, how stupid could I be, I never found a gem like this again. It is both the the brilliant, cheesy vocals like in "Telephone Call", the extraordinary duet in the "I love you song" and the amazing instrumentation as well. Too bad, the band does not seem to exist or tour anymore. Maybe the course of time can be changed if you decide to hit the "Buy" button.

The label perfectly summarized the album: "The stylish and wonderful chanteuse Miss Claudia, surrounded by her Danish lounge geniuses, takes us on an excursion with the international jet set. Rio, the Caribbean, Nepal, Miss Claudia and her men feel at home everywhere when playing their 60s/70s retro sound, performed on organ, vibraphone and brass instruments. The Concorde Music Club from Paris collaborated with the band on this album."
"According to reliable sources, "The I Love You Song" from the "Airport" album was used by an LG commercial in Korea and became a ring tone with 28,000 downloads!" - JJ Jones (Duet contributer on two songs)

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