Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alternosfera: Orasul 511 (2005)

There are always surprises: Though I have lived quite some time in Romania I had never heard of Alternosfera before until recently. The band is from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova and it was founded in the it late 1990's and their sound could be best described as alternative rock.
The songs of "Orasul 511" (Eng. city 511) sung by the melodic voice of Marcel Bostan are in Romanian (mostly) and Russian (some). These are also Moldova's major languages and I am of the opinion that these songs are also very appealing even if you do not understand either language. I am still amazed by the melodies and the fantastic keyboard hooks. My favourite from this record is "Wamintirile" which approximately means Memories in English. I hope that I'll have a chance to attend a concert next time I visit Romania or who knows maybe they'll are going to tour in Western Europe one day...  

If you like this record I also highly recommend to check out the band's second release "Visatori Cu Plumb In Ochi" (2007) (Eng. vistors dreamers with lead in their eyes). Luckily their new album "Virgula" (eng. comma) is just about being released right now. Yippee!

Alternosfera: Orasul 511 (2005)
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