Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rona Hartner: Nationalité Vagabonde (2008) (Update)

Rona Hartner is an Romanian artist of German descent living and working currently in France. Nationalité Vagabonde is thus not only a title of record but also a phrase that presents her personal lifestyle. Born in 1973 she got popular with the 1997 movie "Gadjo Dilo" alongside with the now very famous French actor Romain Duris. Rona Hartner portrayed a Gypsy in the very same movie and this might have contributed to the perception (in Romania) that she is a Gypsy aswell. Unfortunately, she is not recognized very well in Romania. However, I think RH has overcome terms like nationality nationality best expressed by the title track's great lyrics:

“Nationalité vagabonde
Mes voisins je ne les compte
Plus à Rio, Prague ou Hong Kong,
Un passeport dans tous les ports
Nationalité vagabonde
J’ai la terre beaucoup plus ronde
Que tous les résidents du monde
Et dans la peau
Tous les drapeaux…
J’ai une âme rebelle
Emigrée universelle
J’ai toutes les tracesDe toutes les races
Dans mon sang et sur ma face
Je suis citoyenne
De la nation humaine
Je suis … ( ?)
A la page vagabonde”

The record is a great mix of different languages (French, Spanish, English and Romanian), moods and genres. I like a lot the great track “Chocha de la vida” which is a brilliant blend of reggea meets Africa accompanied by a magnificent clarinet. The upbeat "Gadji boh`eme" and also "Vagabond remix" are favorites of mine as well. Besides music RH does a lot of theater appearances as well. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to do a lot of concert touring outside of France right now but as always I hope that this fact is going to change very soon!

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Disc 1

1. Nationalité vagabonde (4:40)
2. Frida y Diego (3:48)
3. Chocha de la vida (3:54)
4. Ai mi baht (6:21)
5. I Do U (2:09)
6. Gadji bohème (2:27)
7. Ceai (3:40)
8. En caravane (4:44)
9. C Major (4:34)
10. Sing (4:14)
11. Remix vagabond (4:39)

Disc 2 Bonus - This is a self compiled set of previously released tracks and collaborations.

1. Rona Hartner - Bate vantul frunzele (4:03)
2. Rona Hartner - Chamberry-gigs-forever (2:50)
3. Rona Hartner & Tony Gatlif - Disparaitra (4:13)
4. Rona Hartner & Kustuvita Orchestra - Frate Frate (4:10)
5. Rona Hartner & Tony Gatlif - Manifesto All (7:38)
6. Rona Hartner & Dj Click - Dili Dilo (4:50)
7. Rona Hartner & Gomez et Dubois - Cosette (5:16)
8. Rona Hartner & DJ Chantel - Inel Inel De Aur Chantel (4:34)