Saturday, February 2, 2013

My charts for 2012

2012 is already long gone history - so it is once again time for a wrap up of the year. Musically, this year was extremely interesting and I could easily have picked more favourites each month.
This year I added 171 albums, which is slightly more compared to last year (160 in 2011).  Evaluating what I added I can identify two trends: World music was quite strong last year with surprisingly high number of excellent releases from the Ukraine / Russia (5 times). This time, the oldest top addition is just from 2007.

So here are the winners:

January Dazkarieh - Ruído do Silêncio (2011) World Music, Alternative , Portugal
February Sonceklyosh (Сонцекльош) - Герої (Geroi) (2011) World Music, Ukraine
March Jacek Kleyff - Znaki (2009) World Music, Poland
April r.roo - There Is No Yesterday And No Tomorrow (2012)Electronic, Ukraine
May Romengo - Kétháné (2011) World Music, Hungary
June A Moving Sound - A Moving Sound (2011) World Music, Taiwan
July МЕЛЬНИЦА (Melnitsa) - The Best (2012) Alternative, Russia
August Tha Blue Herb - Total (2012) Hip-Hop, Japan
September Etwas Unders - Etwas Unders (2007) Alternative, Ukraine
October Ghosthill - Flying Through Imagination (2012) Metal, Russia
November Youn Sun Nah - Same Girl (2010) Jazz, South Korea
December La Cherga - Revolve (2011) Raggea / Dub, World Music, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia

What can I say once more a year of amazing discoveries - just hit the play button on the youtube play list below and enjoy!