Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My charts for 2013

Let's wrap up 2013! What a surprise: Again, in retrospect the music of last year was extremely good. I made a lot of brilliant new discoveries. This year I added 131 albums to my library, which is again less than compared to last year (171 in 2012). Within the last 2-3 years I changed my listening habits quite a bit. Nowadays, I am way more picky on the items that will enter my library. The "oldest" record to enter the charts has been Chris Thile's "Stealing Second" from 1997 which I believe is so much better than his new releases.
My trends: World Music was extremely strong and there was quite a bit of Metal as well. As a small surprise there is no electronic music record on the list even thought there have been some serious contenders.
So Ladies and Gentlemen here are my winners:

January Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar - Covek i truba (2012) World Music, Serbia
February Emel Mathlouthi - Kelmti Horra (2012) World Music, Tunisia
March hAND - Breathing (2011) Metal, England
April Youn Sun Nah - Lento (2013)Jazz, South Korea
May Tales Of Evening - Hajléktalan Lélek (2012) Metal, Hungary
June Mojácar Flamenco - Mojácar at the Madrid (2007) World Music, USA
July Chris Thile - Stealing Second (1997) World Music, USA
August Alborosie - Escape From Babylon To The Kingdom Of Zion (2010) Reggae, Italy
September Dark Tranquillity - Construct (2013) Metal, Sweden
October Anush & Inga Arshakyanner - Tamzara (2006) World Music, Armenia
November Chico Trujillo - Gran Pecador (2012) World Music, Chile
December S°unduk - Наше время (2013) Alternative, World Music, Belarus

What can I say once more a year of amazing discoveries - just hit the play button on the youtube play list below and enjoy!