Monday, December 19, 2011

Circo Vulkano: La Vida Es... (2011)

This is true madness: Circo Vulkano is a crazy combo from Venezuela. I discovered La vida es.. recently at the great blog and it got me immediately infected. The band itself defines its music as Gipsy Cumbia Balkan Punk and when I listened to the record for the first time I thought that this is the how I wanted to have Manu Chao's music sounded all the years (though lyrics are in Spanish, only). It is so full of energy that it makes dance on the spot! One of the great strengths of Circo Volkano is the ability to slow down songs and then to catch up again. 

The first song "Mambo (Italiana)" gets the party already started. From there on till the instrumentals there is no breather to come. My favorite is "La Cachumba" a funny song with great none sense lyrics about a skull. A special thing about Circo Volkano is the usage of the melodica. I don't know how common this is in Latin American music and it definitely adds a very distinctive lo-fi note to the music.
Covers never have been that much fun as on La vida es...: in the middle of the song "Aire Jiri / A Caballo" the theme from pulp fiction pops up and sounds so right here. The king of covers though is the song nirvana: This is an amazing adaption of Nirvana's Love Buzz.
When I saw the live videos on youtube I wished I could have get into an airplane and fly over to Venezuela and join the party! I hope to see this amazing blend of music in Europe one day :)

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Track list:
1. Candela (1:18)
2. Mambo (2:03)
3. La Ciudad (3:06)
4. Terremoto / Cuando el Amor (2:29)
5. Marina (2:34)
6. Sé Que Bebo, Sé Que Fumo (5:06)
7. Aire Jiri / A Caballo (4:10)
8. Bajo Guitarra Melódica y Batería (4:34)
9. La Cachumba (3:01)
10. Nirvana (3:06)
11. La Luna/ Dub (1:44)
12. Instrumental I (1:02)
13. Instrumental II (1:39)
14. Fanfarria (10:18)