Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My charts for 2011

As 2011 is history now it is time to look back. In total, less music entered my personal library compared to last year. An evaluation within foobar2000 showed me that I added this year 160 albums, only which is considerably less than last year (583 in 2010). Musically, this year is equally interesting but I think I have been far more selective with new additions.
Interestingly, there is only one album which made it on the list which is from an artist that I followed for a longer time (Leaves' Eyes - Meredead). All the other ones were artists to which I did not listen to previously. I also got more critical towards discographies: Quite often one album of an artist is outstanding while others are simply mediocre. With the increased influx of new artists and releases on the Interwebs the necessity to bound to an artist (as a brand) for a longer time does not exist any more. So here is the list:

January Dazkarieh - Hemisférios (2009) Alternative, World Music, Portugal
February Rotting Christ - Aealo (2010) Metal, Greece
March Zengineers - The 5th Realm (2010) Electronic Music, Germany
April UnSun - Clinic For Dolls (2010)Metal, Poland
May Suhov - Heartbox (2011) Electronic Music, Hungary
June Leaves' Eyes - Meredead (2011) Metal, Germany, Norway
July Gipsy.cz - Romano Hip Hop (2006) World Music, Czech Republic
August Longed for Fusion - Salvation (2009) Metal, Germany
September Haydamaky - Ukraine Calling (2006) Alternative, World Music, Ukraine
October Göksel - The Best Of Göksel (2009) World Music, Turkey
November Circo Vulkano - La Vida es... (2011) Alternative, World Music, Venezuela
December Elina Duni - Lume, Lume (2010) Jazz, World Music, Switzerland

So, once again a year full of amazing discoveries - just hit the play button on the youtube playlist below and enjoy!