Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Göksel: The Best Of Göksel (2009) (my version)

Yes, Turkish pop music! Göksel Demirpençe born in 1971 is a pop music artist from Turkey.  I've got aware of Göksel through a Putumayo compilation "Turkish Groove" which was interesting enougth to let me dig deeper. She sings and performs the guitar and her songs feature typical pop instruments but also typical Turkish elements such as violins etc.

What makes her songs special is the timbre and the presence of her voice. This "Best Of" compilation was released by Sony after she changed the record label back in 2008 and it was released possibly without her consent. After listening to some songs from her releases I wasn't particularly fond of the ballads and I felt that other songs were missing so I modified the song selection and kicked out some songs and replaced them with songs that should have been on this compilation.

My favourites of this compilation are Depresyondayım ("I am depressed") a song over a lost love, the uplifting Karar Verdim ("I decided") and the pushing hip hop duet Taş Bebek ("Stone Baby") a collaboration with Dursun Zaman from the Turkish New Metal band maNga. Nowadays, with her last two releases her style of music changed towards more classical Turkish folk music which is not my cup of tea but it'll be very interesting to see how her career continues in the future. Enjoy this excellent compilation!

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1. Depresyondayim (4:05)
2. Ayrilik Günü (4:12)
3. Alli Pullu (3:52)
4. Karar Verdim (3:33)
5. Ay'da Yürüdüm (3:56)
6. Arka Bahçemde (4:15)
7. Bi' Seni Konusurum (3:52)
8. Beklem Dönmem (3:19)
9. Benden Geçti Ask (4:14)
10. Firar (3:46)
11. Yabani Otlar (4:36)
12. Yarabbi Sükür (4:15)
13. Tas Bebek (3:33)
14. Söz Ver (4:07)
15. Kardan Adamlar (4:11)

Please not that the track list differs from the original compilation.