Friday, March 16, 2012

Krepuskule: Krepuskule (2006)

This is the self named demo of the French band Krepuskule released back in 2006. Krepuskule (“crépuscule” being the French for “dusk”) crafts music which is best described as gothic or dark metal with a dense atmospheric touch. This is emphasized by female vocals and the use of a violin.

This great demo consists of three tracks and in my opinion they are all equally brilliant. Checking their myspace site I can only guess that the band did not release more since 2006 due to line-up issues.
The band is still touring occasionally (in France) so let's hope that they can add something to this hidden gem in the future.

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1. The Price Of Man (3:16)
2. Betrayal (4:31)
3. Last Tear (6:19)