Monday, April 30, 2012

N.O.H.A.: N.O.H.A. (2012)

Usually, I don't get a lot of inspiration from the radio: this is one of the few exemptions: N.O.H.A. from the Czech Republic. They utilize a pretty wide range of styles with drum n bass being the most prominent one. N.O.H.A. received a lot of airplay for the 2007 song "Tu Café" with its extremely sense making lyrics ;)
The project was founded by Philip Noha with different singers and MCs and they started with a self titled album back in 1997. The band itself is extremely diverse with members from Prague, New York and Sao Paulo.

N.O.H.A.'s releases cover a pretty wide range of styles from trip hop to drum n bass and this is a self compiled selections of their best songs distilled out of their regular releases. On this compilation my favourites are the extremely funky "No Slack" and the pop track "Nasty".
N.O.H.A. appears to be also an excellent live band and you can convince yourself with the live tracks at the end of the youtube list. Unfortunately it appears that they are only performing in the Czech Republic this year.
The cover of this compilation is "stolen" from a Reed Danziger painting which I found through the amazing inspiring blog Basic Sounds.

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1. Saxomat
    Track 5 of "Dive In Your Life (2007)
2. No Slack
    Track 7 of "No Slack! (2001)
3. Dejalo
    Track 5 of "Die In The Process (2011)
4. Smell Of Spring
    Track 10 of "Dive In Your Life (2007)
5. Sierra Digital
    Track 8 of "Die In The Process (2011)
6. Tu Café
    Track 03 of "Dive In Your Life (2007)
7. Nasty
    Track 9 of "Die In The Process (2011)
8. Things That Are Beautiful Haunt Me
    Track 1 of "Next Plateau (2003)
9. Bum
    Track 3 of "Die In The Process (2011)
10. Balkan Hot-Step
    Track 2 of "Next Plateau (2003)
11. Tu Cafe (Sax' Drum' Bass)