Thursday, May 30, 2013

Indica: Valoissa (2008)

Here comes an "oldie" of mine: Indica is an all woman band from Finland, which has been around since 2001. The music is best described as something between pop and alternative rock with a melancolic metal like sort of appeal. Valoissa (Finnish for "In The Lights") is the band's fourth album and it was produced by Nightwish's Tuomas Holopainen (which is easily identifiable). The artist's classical music experience is also easily audible influences within the beautiful arrangements.

What I especially like is that the songs are sung in Finnish (of which I understand only some words) and which makes this release special. Finnish lyrics have a great melody and rhythm. The band decided to re-record in 2010 older material with lyrics in English and thought this fosters international success it makes the music less special. It's hard to pin down favourites but 10 H Myöhässä (10 H Late) and Sanoja (Some words) are certainly outstanding. According to the facebook page the new album is already mixed now and waiting for the mastering. Let's hope that it is going to be with Finnish vocals again... 

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1. Elä (3:25)
2. Pahinta Tänään (3:26)
3. 10 H Myöhässä (3:41)
4. Hiljainen Maa (4:57)
5. Askeleet (4:04)
6. Sanoja (3:15)
7. Valoissa (4:08)
8. Täältä Pois (3:42)
9. Pyromaani (3:37)
10. Hämärää (4:19)
11. Ei Enää (6:58)