Monday, October 21, 2013

Youn Sun Nah: Live at the Women of the World Festival 2013


In April this year I had the pleasure to attend a concert of Youn Sun Nah in Frankfurt, Germany. It was such an outstanding performance. I was especially happy because the concert has been recorded as well as it was held in a radio studio. The radio recording was streamed on a German radio station and I was lucky to record.

Youn Sun Nah is originally from South Korea and she chose Paris as a second home from where she started her Jazz career. She has been categorized as singer songwriter Jazz and in France her previous album "Same Girl", was the best-selling jazz album of 2011 where she received a couple of high ranking awards in Europe. Recently, she released her new record "Lento" which she took on a tour throughout the summer.

The concert was part of the festival "Women Of The World" and it took place at the radio studio of the "Hessischer Rundfunk" accompanied only by Swedish guitarist Ulf Wakenius. Given the fact that the studio was quite small the two musicians produced a very intimate atmosphere. Wakenius was an excellent match and he contributed also compositions to the new album.

The concert featured new songs from the album "Lento". One of the most striking songs was the interpretation of the new cover song "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails and the excellent duet "Memento Magico". What I enjoyed the most of the concert was Nah's ability to control an expression of her voice and to perfectly articulate and reproduce the mood of her original recordings. That made it such an unforgeable experience. So if you have the chance to see her on a concert go and enjoy!

Preview 1 2 | You Sun Nah Live | Official

1. Anmoderation (4:27)
2. Hurt (5:58)
3. Momento Magico (7:19)
4. My Favorite Things (4:20)
5. Soundless Bye (4:57)
6. Lament (4:32)
7. Arirang (7:37)
8. Jockey Full Of Bourbon (7:24)
9. Same Girl (3:57)
10. Abmoderation (0:38)
11. Ghost Riders In The Sky (3:02)

Tracks 1 & 10 are radio comments in German (introduction and outro) and do not contain any music.
The files were generated from the original streaming file (128 kbps mp3), no re-encoding was performed.
The archive contains two versions: All tracks splitted as mp3 files and one mka file with emebedded cue sheet.