Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anima: Spasenje (2010)

Now that 2010 is slowly closing, I'd like to present another highlight of this year: Anima is a young band from Serbia from the Vojvodina province and Spasenje (en.: Salvation) is their first official release after two demos. In my oppionion the music is described best as Modern Metal with lyrics in Serbian which makes the record particularly interesting to me. According to the band website this record was already finished in 2008, but distribution problems resulted in not releasing it until Spring 2010 when it was made available for free.

Musically, this is a very exiting melange of different Metal styles with lots of progressive ideas and amazing melodies fading one catchy tune into another. The fine vocals (again, in Serbian only) are changing between the male singer Marko Anđelić and female singer Marta Petrović managing to transport the feeling and atmosphere very well even though I don't understand the language. Most of the time, I prefer vocalists singing in their native language (rather then in bad English ;) - Anima deserves credit for doing so.
The record's production is absolutely spotless and the release comes with a full pdf booklet including lyrics. Currently, there seems to be less band activity and I really hope that this band is going to continue and that I can see them live one day - they really deserve all the best! Again, this type of release is made possible by the Internet and by the Internet only! Beautiful!

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