Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Era: The Tunnel EP (2006) / Third Eye Guerrilla EP (2009)

Time for favorites again this time with netaudio act from Naples, Italy: Black Era. I don't know much about the band's history but they are around since 2004 with a couple of EPs and full releases. Essentially, Black Era is trip-hop with fine female vocals (Dy Darshan) and smooth electronic sounds (Blob) and guitars (Allfuzz).
The band's sound is a strong reminiscence to the British Trip-Hop sound from the 1990's though the band clearly sets its own distinctive style. The first EP I picked for this review is The Tunnel EP published in 2006. The four songs feature brilliant songwriting with my personal highlight being "Trilateral - Realize U Are".

Thought this is an electronic act the band is very outspoken about politics with references e.g. to Noam Chomsky. The second EP Third Eye Guerrilla brings along 5 fine songs with my favorite being The Gift (Tongueless).
Black Era is also a very active live act so if you're happen to be in Naples you should check them out.

All Black Era releases are under CC which means they are free to distribute. If you like to support the artists you can also buy selected releases directly at the label aquietbump.

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The Tunnel EP (2006)
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Third Eye Guerrilla EP (2009)
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