Saturday, November 20, 2010

Badi Assad - Solo (1994)

There is a ton of great guitarists that are genius in their particular genres and styles:
Brazilian Badi Assad, the younger sister of Sergio and Odair Assad - partners in a world-famous classical guitar duo, is standing out of that group. Classically trained, she combines an astonishing one-woman-band technique, adding gorgeous singing, hand percussion and a startling menagerie of percussive vocal effects to her stellar fretwork.

As a member of this musically talented family, Badi emerges with the makings of a musical personality which, like those of all great artists, cuts across the boundaries of our musical microcosm, standing them all on their heads in the process. Badi's Solo is simply fantastic! This record is already 16 years old and it shows the timeless character of this unique blend of music.

If you like this release of Badi Assad you should also check out her other releases which range from classical to her own unique Brazilian style and as well this interesting interview.